Pre-Order VICTURY V1 Soccer Ball

Pre-Order VICTURY V1 Soccer Ball

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VICTURY V1 - Play Soccer in the House! 

The VICTURY Sport Training Ball, recently named a Top 12 Best Toy at the New York International Toy Fair by is a patented soccer ball engineered to spin, balance and react in “slow-motion” – allowing the mind to learn faster and build confidence with quality touches. The improved VICTURY V1 ball features a more durable shell and valve that can be hit indoors and in-home at full speed and won't break windows, mark walls or break faces!

  • VICTURY V1 Training Ball - Regulation size 5 ball
  • Play Soccer in the House!
  • Great for playing in bad weather, day or night
  • Inflation straw (no helium required)
  • Video Training System 
  • Milestones to track progress
  • Same award-winning KrunchCOR® construction as the Ollyball
VICTURY Promise: If your puncture VICTURY Ball bladder we will replace at no cost

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