ollyball toy of the year

OLLYBALL - 2019 Toy of the Year Finalist!

Ollyball, a 2019 Toy of the Year finalist, the only ball designed for full-speed, full-force indoor play! The ball weighs less than an ounce and absorbs shock through a patent-pending KrunchCOR construction!
Play ball, hit crazy spin shots and even color your Ollyball with crayons!


Why didn't they have this super cool toy years ago?

November 17, 2018 Verified Purchase 

"Absolutely love this for my 9 year old son. He loves to play catch, soccer, etc. but the common refrain is not in the house. With Ollyball, it’s always okay to play in the house with it and he loves to play with us with it. This would have been great 5 years ago, since the aerodynamics of how the ball flies through the air (and it’s crunchiness) makes it easier to be prepared to catch and to make the actual catch. Super cool toy!"