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Sustainability and Recycling

ECO-FRIENDLY. Recyclable. Sustainable. Safe.

We believe Ollyball is one of the most sustainable toys on the planet! Here's the technical speak:

Ollyball is BPA/Phthalate free and the shell material is made without plasticizers or restricted chemicals listed in European Directives, such as RoHS (Directive 2015/863/EU) or REACH Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). The outer shell is a high-value recyclable material that is recyclable, as well as an inert material, and will not leach harmful compounds into groundwater.

The shell can be also be safely incinerated and, under optimal conditions, will lead to only the release of water and carbon dioxide, leaving no residue. In fact, it can even be used as fuel, yielding more than twice the energy value of coal, and as much energy as oil, in terms of BTU rating.

We have an ECO-PAK version of all Ollyball products that fills a 40’ HQ container with 235,000pcs, opposed to 19,600 pcs in the display box, bringing down the individual packages weight to 1.35 oz. This economy of scale further reduces our carbon footprint and increases efficiencies through reduced transport space and weight.

Ollyball ECO Paks are also Re-useable. The park has a zip lock seal where a deflated Ollyball and markers can be stored for travel or for a rainy day! With proper care, Ollyball will last for 10= years and cam be re-inflated over an over again. In the case of a punctured krunchcor bladder, we offer replacement bladder kits to keep the play going on!