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Ollyball Games

There are all sorts of fun games to play with the Ollyball, we're sure you will come up with some of your own. Here are a few of ours:

  • Math Ball Madness 
    Two or more players. Simple game of juggling between players. Hitting the Ollyball with your hand is 1 point, a foot kick is 2 points, a header is 3 points. The first player calls out a number, (for example "7"), and the Ollyball is tossed to a player. That player must use a hand, foot or head and add up the points to reach the number 7 evenly. That player then choses another player and a new number. The first player to reach three successful "Math Balls" wins.

  • Doorway Sniper
    Two or more players. One player stands in a doorway or opening to a room they need to defend. The other player tries to kick the ball pass the player protecting the doorway. The player in the doorway must have their hands behind their back. Three rounds of seven shot a piece determines the winner.

  • Spin Pass (Video to come!)
  • Smash Mob (This is great for parents at corporate events - video to come!)
  • Oh, and of course - Indoor Dodgeball!!! (Crazy Video to come!)

Send us ideas and clips of your games on Instagram @theollyball or Twitter @theollyball