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Ollyball. The Ultimate Indoor Play Ball.

We hope you love your Ollyball! Your ball was designed to be played with indoors, anytime, day or night, and especially when the weather is bad outside.

There are all sorts of games and tricks you can perform with the Ollyball, even tips to customize your ball and how to take care of your ball.

For the basics, you can see the Ollyball instructions here: 

Keep your eyes out for other Ollyball styles in the future—that will come in different colors—and other REALLY COOL Ollyball stuff! Have Fun!!! -Team Ollyball

Q. What is it made out of?
A. The outer shell of the Ollyball is made of a durable lightweight material used on high performance kites and the bladder is an aluminum and nylon material. Ollyball doesn’t contain any PVC, Latex, BPA’s or phthalates.

Q. How does it work?
The Ollyball ball is built with patented 2-layer KrunchCOR™ construction that dramatically absorbs impact (through dampening the coefficient of restitution!), while retaining the shape and physical properties of a ball. The ball is engineered to be hit at full-force indoors and in-home! Play in any weather, day or night!

Q. Will it pop? 
A. It’s super durable, hand-sewn and will not pop even with a 50 pound weight on the ball. If you really try to pop it, like a 200 pound person jumping on it, it will pop. Don’t do that!

Q. What is the weight and size? 
A. The OllyBall is a 12-inch ball in diameter. Ollyball weighs .08 ounces, less than one ounce - to give you an idea, a soccer ball weighs 16 ounces. The inflation device is a simple straw-like thing that will inflate and deflate the ball over 100 times. 

Q. What markers and crayons can I use to color-in my Ollyball? 
A. Ollyball is a lot like paper - you can color your Ollyball with water-based, washable, permanent, glitter, metallic, neon and every type of marker you can 
find! Markers will dry on the Ollyball and not bleed like paper - but water-based markers when soaked with water will bleed a bit (just like paper!). Crayons work well on Ollyball as well, so well, there's that!

Q. Can it get wet? 
A. Yep. You can even throw the deflated ball in the washing machine but don’t really recommend doing so because someone might read this and do it and have something bad might happen.

Q. How long does the ball stay inflated?
A. A really long time. The bladder holds air longer than a latex or rubber soccer ball bladder. NOTE: if your Ollyball is in the heat, it will expand (be more inflated), if your Ollyball is in the cold it will contract (less inflated) - you can inflate and deflate the ball with the straw at anytime.

Q. Where’s the best place to play with my Ollyball?
A. Anywhere. The more room you have to kick, hit, bounce or do a header with your OllyBall, the better. You can play with your Ollyball inside or outside, in an airport, hotel lobby, public events, schools, gyms, and anywhere the ball won't blow away in high winds! The more room you give yourself to play with the Ollyball, the more fun you can have!

Q. How do I inflate my Ollyball?
A. There is an inflation straw in the packaging. It can easily be inflated and deflated in less than 30 seconds!

Q. Can I leave my Ollyball outside?

A. Yes. It will do crazy tricks with light wind, but it might blow far away in an open field in high and medium winds. Keep your eye on the ball!!!

Q. Should I deflate my Ollyball if we’re not going to play with it for a while?
A. No, it’s best to keep the ball inflated!

Q. What if I poke a hole in my Ollyball?
A. Not a problem. The outer shell of the Ollyball is a semi-permeable material that does not hold air. If the bladder pops, which is not easy to do, we will replace it at no cost! See the replacement instructions below.

Q. Are Ollyball’s safe?
A. Ollyballs are safe! They are made out of materials that have been in household use for over 30 years.

Q. Can I draw on my Ollyball?
A. Yes! Use crayons or a permanent marker like a SHARPIE®. They work great. BUT, be sure not to color too heavily, because the solvent in the marker can damage the skin of your Ollyball. 

Q. What if I lost or broke my Ollyball inflation straw?
A. Your Ollyball can be inflated using two everyday coffee stir stick straws.

Q. I popped my Ollyball. How do I use the Replacement Guarantee to get a new one?
A. Please click here to take advantage of the Ollyball Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. PLEASE NOTE, this guarantee is only provided to US consumers (in the continental United States), and only applicable to products purchased directly from us or from authorized Ollyball retailers in the US. For purchases outside of the US, please contact your local Ollyball distributors.

DO NOT over-inflate your Ollyball!
Sure, it CAN be inflated larger, but then you void your warranty, and you make the skin so thin that it can be damaged much easier. As we all know, a popped Ollyball is no fun! 

DO NOT fill your Ollyball with water!
It gets WAAAAAY too heavy to have any fun with. 

DO NOT poke, stick, pick, jab, bite, or claw your Ollyball with anything sharp!
It will pop. You will be sad. We will be sad for you… The whole thing will just be very sad and that is not what we want.