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WHOLESALE Ollyball STEAM Editions with Accredited STEAM Lesson Plans

Ollyball has teamed up with Dr. Amanda Gummer’s Toy Education Team to create a series of STEAM Edition Ollyballs. The first edition is Ollyball PHYSICS; it has a peer-reviewed Lesson Plan with hands-on to experiments that teach the science of “Force”, “Velocity" and the "Coefficient of Restitution!” This lesson plan was reviewed by educators teaching children of the relevant age to ensure it reflects current best practice and includes activities that enhance the benefits of Ollyball and highlights relevant learning objectves. This plan is age-appropriate for the 7-to-9-year age group depending on the student or child’s skill level. It provides guidance for educators and parents of children in 3rd and 4th grade ideally. A modification was provided for children 4-to-6-years-old and children 10-to-12-years-old.
  • Ollyball is a Toy of the Year-winning Indoor Play Ball kids can color-in with markers and crayons.
  • Eight-page Physics Peer-reviewed Lesson Plan Booklet included The lesson is designed for a 45–60-minute period in the home setting; and it would require approximately two (2) 45-minute periods in a school or community-based group settings.
  • Have fun Playing Ball with Ollyball and Learning more about the mysteries and the applied lessons in Physics!
  • The activities encourage parents and children to explore the science behind Ollyball. It provides parents with the guidance to coax further curiosity and learning through physical play combined with scientific practices.
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