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Your Quest for Helium! Ollyball PLANET EARTH


Ollyball PLANET EARTH can be simply inflated with your own breath with the included inflation straw. It weighs 1.3 ounces (A Standard Soccer Ball weighs 16 ounces), and perfect for lightweight play. You can also inflate your Ollyball PLANET EARTH with helium, for "gravity neutral" play - it's super cool and looks like this: 


To begin your quest for helium, start here:

Once an Ollyball PLANET EARTH is filled with either air or helium, it will stay inflated for over a year, and can be deflated and re-inflated repeatedly. Your Ollyball may need to be slightly re-inflated in the temperature goes from hot to cold.

Stores such as Walmart and Target sells helium tanks, so if you prefer to fill your Ollyball PLANET EARTH yourself, inflate your Ollyball with helium, the same way you would inflate any mylar or latex balloon. 

If you want to explore and inflate your Ollyball for about $1-$5, there are lots of stores that will fill helium balloons for you. Here are excerpts from "12 Places to get balloons filled with helium in 2024" by King Osaghae

If you’ve been wondering, “Where can I get balloons filled with helium?” – this post has the answers you need.

1. Albertsons

Albertsons operates over 2,200 stores nationwide.

They provide in-store balloon-filling services for both latex and foil balloons. You can fill balloons at Albertsons even if you didn’t buy them from the store. The filling costs range from $1.50 to $7 per balloon, depending on size.

2. CVS

CVS offers helium services at over 9,900 locations across the USA. If your nearby CVS store has a party section, it provides helium services. However, smaller stores focused on pharmacy items may not offer this service.

Contact the store directly to check if your local CVS provides helium services. Depending on the store’s policy, balloons bought elsewhere may be filled for a fee, but not all locations may offer this service.

3. Dollar General

Dollar General offers a Balloon Time 9.5″ Helium Tank priced at $31.95, which includes 8.9 cu ft of helium/air (enough to fill an Ollyball PLANET EARTH over 10 times!)


4. Kroger

Kroger operates over 2,800 stores across 35 states and provides helium balloon-filling services.

They fill latex, mylar, foil, and jumbo balloons.

  • In-store purchase requirement: Kroger fills helium balloons in-store, regardless of where you bought them. Whether purchased in-store or online, Kroger will fill your balloons.

  • Cost: Filling latex balloons costs around $1 on average. Mylar balloons range from $3 to $8, depending on size. Oversized or jumbo balloons (20 to 50 inches in diameter) cost between $7 and $16 to fill. Prices may vary by store and depend on balloon size and quantity.

5. Meijer

Meijer is a family-owned retail chain headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with over 240 supercenters spanning six states: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

At Meijer, you can conveniently get helium balloons filled in-store. They offer pre-filled helium balloons for purchase as well.

  • In-store purchase requirement: Meijer allows balloon filling without the obligation to buy balloons from their stores.

  • Cost: Meijer charges $1 for each latex balloon. Filling a mylar balloon ranges from $3 to $8, with the price determined by the balloon’s size and shape.

6. Party City

Party City operates 830 company-owned and franchise stores across North America.

  • Requirement: For balloon inflation, you can bring balloons purchased at Party City stores or online and balloons bought elsewhere.

  • Cost: Free for in-store or online purchases of foil balloons (ensure the item mentions helium and bring your receipt). $0.99 to $1.29 for balloons from Party City or other sources. Foil balloons from elsewhere cost $1.99 to $15.99 to fill, depending on size.

Party City offers helium tanks for those who prefer self-filling. They have small and large tanks available for purchase online or in-store pickup.

7. Party Depot

Party Depot, located in Virginia, offers helium balloon-filling services.

  • Requirement: Whether you buy balloons in-store or elsewhere, they’ll fill them for you.

  • Cost: $0.75 for 12-inch latex balloons, $0.90 for 18-inch Mylar balloons, and $4 for 36-inch Mylar balloons.

Additionally, Party Depot sells helium tanks.

8. Publix

Publix is a U.S. employee-owned supermarket chain with over 1,286 stores across the Southern United States, including:

  • Alabama

  • Florida

  • Georgia

  • North Carolina

  • South Carolina

  • Tennessee

  • Virginia

At Publix, you can get helium-filled balloons. While not every Publix store offers this service, if your local store has a floral department, it can likely fill helium balloons for you. Publix fills both latex and mylar balloons.

  • Requirement: They can fill helium balloons, whether purchased in-store or elsewhere.

  • Cost: The service is free with a receipt for Publix-purchased balloons, while balloons from other stores cost $1.29 for latex and $2 for mylar.

9. Ralphs

Ralphs is a subsidiary of Kroger, operating 189 stores in Southern California. Some Ralphs stores offer helium balloon filling services, but they vary by location. Contact your local store to inquire about this service.

  • In-store purchase requirement: Varies by store.

  • Cost: Latex balloons cost $0.99 each, while Mylar balloons are priced at $3.99 or more, depending on size.

10. Walmart

Walmart operates 4,743 stores across the United States, with a limited number offering balloon inflation services. Contact them directly to find out if your local store provides helium services.

  • Walmart sells helium tanks for those who prefer to fill their balloons at home.

11. Target

Target offers larger helium tanks than other party stores, providing extended usage.

There’s an 8.9-cubic-foot tank available at around $25. (Enough to fill an Ollyball PLANET EARTH at least 10 times!) 

The bottom line

It might be cost-effective to buy a helium tank and fill your Ollyball by yourself, then keep the helium for birthday parties or additional Ollyball products. With a little bit of research, your quest for Helium can be a fun adventure by going to your local retailer listed above an paying for a fill-up!