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Ollyball® STEAM Editions

Ollyball has teamed up with Dr. Amanda Gummer’s Toy Education Team to create a series of STEAM Edition Ollyballs. Each ball includes a series of age-appropriate lesson plans geared toward the specific element of STEAM learning. Order each learner their own Ollyball and Lesson Plan Booklet to reinforce and track progess.



Download Line Sheet 

School District Sales and Distribution

  • Learn Math, Science and Geography with peer-reviewed 
  • lesson plan written by licensed educators! 
  • Ollyball is STEAM Accredited for Schools and Learning Centers. 
  • Patented shock-absorbing KrunchCOR® construction makes 
  • Ollyball safe indoors and in the classroom.
  • Easily inflate or deflate your Ollyball with the included straw.
  • Sustainable, Recyclable. Colorable & Waterproof. Really!